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July 25, 2012
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Pokimono: Amane by Firefly-Raye Pokimono: Amane by Firefly-Raye
For :iconpokimono:

If you want to RP with Amane, feel free to comment here or send me a note~!! o v o / I'd love to RP with anyone!


Name: Miyagawa Amane (宮川雨音; Shrine River, The Sound of Rain)

Pokemon: Dragonair

Age: 21 22 (DOB: May 17th)

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Healer (but she also does work as a seamstress)

Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack)

Ability: Shed Skin

Attacks: Safeguard, Twister

Likes: Rainy or windy days, bodies of water (like rivers, lakes, ponds, the ocean, etc.), sewing, humming/singing, bathing, children, cute things, shrines

Dislikes: Snow/cold weather, fighting/sparring, war, anyone who harms her friends, darkness (she rarely goes out at night), spicy and bitter foods, evil auras

* Extremely friendly to everyone she meets; she has no problem approaching strangers and has a tendency to be very touchy-feely
* Comes off as being very gentle, though has a mystical aura about her
* Acts very maturely most of the time, but she does have a small childish streak that comes out when she’s very excited
* She is quite honest and has no problems telling people what she thinks of them. She’s also very gossipy.
* She is not very good with money, and often gives away potions and kimonos for free. She tries to make up for this by trying to take on more business than she can sometimes handle
* Is very religious, and goes to the shrine every week to pray
* She is largely unaffected by rude people
* She is not easily embarrassed

History: Amane was born and raised as an only child in a small village not far from Crystal Lake Village. This village was exclusive to those in the Dratini evolutionary line, and her place in the village was being the daughter of one of the most prominent healers. Though she had aspirations of being an artist, having grown a passion for painting, she eventually followed in her father's footsteps as a healer. Since she did not have any natural healing abilities, she was extensively schooled in making all sorts of potions, salves, and antidotes, identifying plants that have curative properties, special techniques for therapy, etc.

Over four years ago, her skills were put to the test when she found the body of a unconscious and horribly beaten young man on the brink of death out in a clearing nearby her village. She brought him back to her village and spent weeks restoring his health. She learned that his name was Renjiro, but when she asked him about what had happened to him he claimed to have no memory of the event. Nevertheless she took care of him while he recovered, and as she continued to tend to him they both fell in love.

Renjiro remained in that village for a few years, but then one day he announced that he needed to go back to Sky Village. He revealed to her that he was a guardian there, and that now he was fully recovered he needed to continue his duties there. Amane was saddened to see him go, but she understood that this was something that he had to do. Their relationship ended there, not only because he had to leave her but also because they had both realized their love had transformed into a love between a brother and a sister, rather than a romantic one. So as friends they parted.

After the Kami Trio War: Sometime after the war she moved from her village, that was largely unaffected by the war because of its remote location, to Gale Spring. The reason for her move was purely business, as her healing abilities had caught the attention of the owner of one of the most prominent hot springs of Gale Spring. The man is currently suffering from a severe illness, and so Amane moved in order to be within reach. Whether or not she will move back home when the man is cured is unknown.

After the War with Yveltal/Xerneas: Amane's home is just one of the many homes devastated during the war with Yveltal, however not quite as badly as some others. She is currently paying some workers to help rebuild her home so she can resume her practice of healing and sewing. 

Additional Info:
* Although it is said that Dragonairs have the ability to fly, she cannot
* Her mood is heavily affected by the weather; if it is raining, she is much more despondent, if it is sunny, she’s quite cheerful
* The orb she wears around her neck is a gift given to her by her mother that was passed down through many generations. The orb reflects any natural light, and acts as it’s own source of light.
* Is 5'7" in height
* She is quite frail, and therefore is not very good at fighting
* Even though she is frail, she is quite fast and evasive compared to a typical Dragonair, and so her natural reaction when being confronted with a fight is to run away
* Because she has no natural healing abilities, she excels at creating potions, salves, and antidotes
* The markings under her eyes are birthmarks
* She is very scatterbrained, and as a result she is very unorganized and so her current residence is a bit messy
* She eventually learned that the cause of Renjiro's extensive injuries was that a man named Juushin attacked him with a group of bandits, and as a result she absolutely despises Juushin
* She bears no jealousy towards the idea of Renjiro being in a relationship with another woman. In fact she is extremely happy that he found someone that loves him and that he loves, and just as Renjiro has no romantic feelings for Amane she has no romantic feelings for him


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OTL ugh so long... I'm sorry I have been away for so long, school, depression, etc... plus senior year is a pain...))

Persephon was on a road trip. He has been out for about 6 days now when he came upon Amane-san's house/shop. It was an interesting day for weather. It was the beginning of winter and although the first frost had already hit, the first snow did not. The wind caused the day to be blustery.

Persephon, his clothing transformed into something warmer, came along down the path and was passing by her shop. He looked about and headed up to it to see if he could come inside from the cold for a while.
himori Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
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