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Pokimono: Chouka by Firefly-Raye Pokimono: Chouka by Firefly-Raye

If you'd like to RP with Chouka, or any of my other characters, please send me a note, bug me on Skype, or lure me into / harass me in the chatrooms ; v ; I'm always up for RPs!


: Tominaga Chouka (冨永朝霞; Abundance Eternal, Morning Mist)

: Latias

: 17 (DOB: November 29th)

: Chinchou Lake

: Sentinel

: Impish (+Defense, -Special Attack)

: Levitate

: Helping Hand, Mist Ball, Dragon Pulse (she’s not very good with this attack), Reflect Type

: Sunny weather, eating meat, playing games, pranks, practicing fighting, flying, swimming, gardens, dancing and music, animals

: Criminals/bandits, people who give up fighting, ghost stories, winter, the dark, being ill (she tends to become sluggish and useless while sick), seriousness, bugs

* She is quite tomboy-ish, and dislikes being forced into doing certain activities just because she’s a girl
* Compared to her levelheaded and calculating brother, she acts a bit rashly and tends to jump into battle without thinking first
* She’s always very eager to meet new people, since her duties at Chinchou Lake can become very lonely
* Along with her desire to meet new people, she’s always eager to help others out, despite them wanting her help or not
* She doesn’t particularly like when people become serious, preferring to have a light-hearted view on life. She particularly enjoys fun and playful activities
* She has been known to have a bit of a short temper when provoked, but she doesn’t hold grudges and tends to let things go pretty quickly

: Just like her older brother, Renjiro, Chouka was raised to be a guardian so that she may one day protect her home of Sky Village. However, Chouka was born many years after her brother, which meant that Renjiro was always far ahead of her in training and the two siblings rarely were able to see each other during the day. This made her feel like she was consistently a step behind him, but she wasn't ever bothered by this. She instead admired her brother from afar, developing very idealistic views of him and always bragging about his skill to others. She often was reprimanded by her mentors, since she would focus much more on her brother's talents than her own. 

When Renjiro reached age sixteen (Chouka was age 7 at this time) he showed exceptional promise as a worthy guardian, and so he was removed from general training and made to shadow a veteran Sky Village guardian full time. As additional guardians were no longer necessary at this time, Chouka was forced to train alone with a new mentor, a war-worn Haxorus woman, in preparation for life as a Sentinel. It was then that Renjiro and Chouka were truly separated, and they would continue to be separated for many years to come, only able to visit each once a year at most.

After the Kami Trio War: At this point, Chouka was age fifteen and living away from Sky Village to pursue her duties as a Sentinel. Even though she was not currently staying at Sky Village, she was not immune to the effects of the changing world. The rapid destruction of Pokimono's environment and calamitous weather took the life of her mentor, and Chouka was just barely able to avoid the same fate. However, the death of her mentor did not mean the completion of her training as a Sentinel, and so she took it upon herself to travel beyond Pokimono to further her studies. 

After the War with Yveltal/Xerneas: It was during this time that Chouka was finally summoned to defend the new Pokimono from the wrath of Yveltal, and she was given the news that only two of Pokimono’s leaders and one of its guardians were left. Upon learning that her brother Renjiro was one of the legendaries still alive, but barely holding on, she felt a great swell of emotion—pride in her brother for surviving, eagerness to see him after so many years, and fearless determination to save her family. With this motivation in mind she hastily flew to Noir Vale where the final stand was held against a pack of ravenous Houndoom and flocks of Murkrow. She managed to stave off the oncoming hordes with the help of Naruen, the Celebi she met along the way, and Renjiro was carried to safety.

Since Yveltal and Xerneas had now returned to their slumber and Pokimono is once again safe, Chouka has decided to take residence in Chinchou Lake so that she could be near Gale Spring and her brother. She's done with her travels, but still continues to train, and she welcomes the company of any passerby. 

Additional Info
* Unlike her brother, she does not care a whole lot about her appearances, and has no qualms about looking messy (though because of her training she tries to maintain a somewhat nice appearance)
* Also unlike her brother, she has no fear of blades and she likes to play with swords and knives and can use them rather effectively
* She is 5’9” in height, 5’11” in her geta
* She thinks very highly of her older brother, Renjiro, and regards him as a hero guardian that she admires
* She is not quite as strong as her brother physical and special attack-wise, but she’s a bit better at defensive fighting than he is
* She has a great appreciation for visual and performance arts, so she enjoys watching dances, kabuki, musical performances, calligraphy, etc.
* She is very wary of romantic relationships, because the prospects of getting married and becoming a mother are very frightening to her
* She has a particular gift at hiding, and so it makes he easily able to escape dangerous situations

App: Pokimono: Renjiro by Firefly-Raye

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